online poetry

egg“Albanian Virgin” (Poemeleon)

“The Bar” (Unsplendid)

** NEW “Case of the Missing Woman” (IthacaLit)

“Chlamydia” (Waccamaw)

“Derrida Eats a Dorito” (Drunken Boat (Audio version)

 “Echo and Narcissus” (Waccamaw)

“Good Women” and “Perseveration” (Mezzo Cammin)

“Graven Image” (Unsplendid)

** NEW “Interlude” (Ecotone)

“Lesson on the Letter S” (Blackbird)

“Lullaby” (TAB)

“On Beauty” (Audio only)

** NEW “On the Persistence of Game Shows” (Crab Orchard Review)

“Still Life” (Best New Poets)

“Synaesthesia” (Country Dog Review)

** NEW “Thank You Note” (IthacaLit)

“Tonight the Character of Death Will Be Played by Brad Pitt” (Verse Daily)

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