‘How to Avoid Speaking’

Waywiser Press published How to Avoid Speaking, Jaimee Hills’s first collection of poems, in October 2015. She read alongside Anthony Thwaite, the contest judge, at the book launch at the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, D.C. The book can now be ordered from Waywiser Press or at Amazon.com.


Reviews for How to Avoid Speaking:

“Jaimee Hills signals her intelligence, intensity and puckishness from the outset with ‘Synaesthesia,’ a sonnet suggesting that multisensory experience is a child’s prelapsarian state, and ‘Chlamydia,’ which finds the ‘melody cloaked in the malady’ of that euphoniously named STD.” – Jim Higgins in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“It’s Hills’ love of the sonic and of wordplay that keeps the collection buoyant and surprising. This is not the dry and dusty stuff we may hazily recall from our high school English classes; Hills’ poems are unique and bouncy and generally pleasurable in a way that will undoubtedly lend itself well to a poetry reading.” – Franklin K.R. Kline in the Shepherd Express



Upcoming Readings:

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